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Contemporary Artist

Graduate from the Art Academy – Department of Contemporary Art in Bergen (2022) with a bachelor’s degree in fine art. Currently, she is studying at the master program in fine arts at the Art Academy in Bergen with a notable exchange to Kyoto City University of Arts in Kyoto, Japan (2023). Halland also holds a Diploma in fine art from the School of Art in Bergen (2019).

Her work touches upon issues related to time, decay, and the body. The work investigates these topics trough an intuitive process often resulting in three-dimensional works. Halland’s work has been presented among others at: IRGI gallery, Lithuania the Central Museum of Textile in Łódź, Poland and KODE in Bergen, Norway.

Artist statment

Textile is something close to us all, we wear or use textiles of domestic nature every day, in clothes, sheets, towels and so on. It has a constant presence in our lives. It is something that can be easily formed, changed, and manipulated.

The processes that lie behind these textiles are often time consuming. It demands the learning of the materials, techniques, and use. Can the time used, be of value in itself? Of key importance for me is the learning and understanding of traditional methods, to become a carrier of knowledge. As such it is possible to break from established methods and explore new ways of making. I hack these traditional ways of making to achieve other visual outcomes, while doing this I seek to engage in a multilateral approach where I am in dialogue with the material, listening and letting it guide me. It is through this process that mistakes and interesting directions can occur. Trough this method of making, topics such as Time, Decay, value, and the body is explored. A key point of interest is Value, value within material, body and process.

Solo Exhibitions

Katinka Halland

Galleri Taxi, Bergen, Norway




Group Exhibitions

Walk Eachother Home

KulturX, Xhibition, Bergen 2024

Second Skin: Encounters

Lysverket KODE, Bergen 2023

Maybe You Should Have Imagined Something Better

KMD/In your mind, Bergen 2023

Second Skin

Central Museum of Textiles in Lodz, Poland 2023

Wool week, 2 Bedford Street, Stroud England, 2022


Jinoos, Bergen, 2022


Galleri Salhus, Bergen, 2022


KMD, Bergen, 2021


Galleri Salhus, Bergen, 2021

Beyond the Skin, Folds

Studio K, Stavanger,  2021​

Contemporary thinking textile seeing, textile for future

IRGI galeriia, Lithuania, 2020

KMD Textiles

Norsk Trikotasjemuseum, Bergen, 2020


Laksevåg hamn, Bergen 2020


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